The company was founded in 1887 by Carl Johann Freudenberg. Thanks to a business culture that has successfully resisted all social and innovative changes for years, Corteco today operates in a global market, with production in over 15 different countries around the world. As a member of the global Freudenberg Group, it delivers over 26.00 products in OEM quality. Corteco products are divided into three groups of products: seals, vibration control and air filters produced by their parent company Freudenberg. In addition to the listed items, the company also produces the following items: engine mounts, bushings, shoulders, brake hoses, etc. Sincommerce company is the general distributor of Corteco products for all trucks, and with us you can also find a large number of oil seals: • Valve seals • Crankshaft seals • Camshaft seals • Integrated shaft seals (combined seals) • Sealings for stearing systems and others.

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