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LAGO Accessori

LAGO Accessori is a company founded in 1992. It all started in the late 50’s when Giovanni Lago started a workshop dedicated to the repair and renovation of old military trucks. As time went on, the company began producing spare parts – mostly fenders, for which demand jumped very quickly. so they started selling big on the domestic market.   A good investment strategy combined with careful selection of every product they launch on the market, Lago Accessori has become one of the market leaders in the spare parts and accessories industry for commercial vehicles in Europe. Lago Accessori’s business philosophy is based on these four milestones and this has led to the creation of exclusive products such as Kompos-it, new multi-purpose boxes with electronic opening system and Vertigo tool box. All products are manufactured at their headquarters in Fontaniva (Northeastern part of Italy, 60km west of Venice). You can find a large number of LAGO Accessori products with us, such as:
  • fenders
  • box holders
  • water tanks
  • tool boxes
  • side bumpers
  • mudguards
  • fender mounts/brackets and many other products.

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