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MAHLE ORIGINAL is a global company with a position in the production of prestigious quality spare parts. Mahle products are in the first installation of every other vehicle in the world and have all the top quality certificates, which is also confirmed by the installation of MAHLE pistons in Formula 1. Mahle is an OEM for almost all global vehicle manufacturers. MAHLE continuously invests in expanding the range of the highest quality products that today consist of: pistons, links, bearings, valves, cylinders, turbochargers (turbines), thermostats, filters. And all this in the first installation. MAHLE PISTONS – Pistons must be able to withstand extreme pressures due to the increasingly demanding working conditions to which they are exposed. For example, heat loads (with temperatures reaching 2,600 ° C in the combustion chambers) and average ignition pressure have increased significantly. The forces acting on the piston are also greater. Following this development, the demands on the quality of pistons grew progressively. The piston must be lighter and lighter, must provide less oil consumption and, of course, must be absolutely reliable, even when exposed to extreme conditions, such as tests of heat (hot or cold) loads, and tests of resistance to thermal shocks. PISTON RINGS – In modern engines, MAHLE links (piston rings) provide a reliable and precise sealing function between the piston and the cylinder, and ensure constant high compression. As a leading piston manufacturer, MAHLE is constantly working to optimize the quality of performance and link performance. MAHLE sets new standards in the production of links in state-of-the-art production facilities. Thanks to decades of experience in development and production, they guarantee optimal compatibility of pistons and links and meet the strictest requirements.   CYLINDER LININGS- The ever-increasing demands placed on internal combustion engines require constant improvements in the alignment between cylinder liners, links and pistons. Precise alignment of the cylinder liners with the pistons and links leads to improved engine performance. In cylinder liners made of cast iron, it is necessary to create optimal surfaces that will contribute to lower oil consumption and reduced gas leakage, reduce wear, shorten running-in time and thus ensure longer engine life.   BEARINGS – Bearings support rotating axles, such as crankshafts, camshafts, seesaw axes, engine block balancing axles and connecting rods. Mechanical shocks in internal combustion engines are extremely high and therefore the bearings must meet a number of qualitative characteristics, such as resistance to material fatigue, flexibility, resistance to high loads and resistance to wear and corrosion. In cooperation with engine manufacturers, MAHLE develops and tests bearings for each engine type separately. Continuous research and improvement of materials and production technologies provide economically and technically optimized products of the highest quality. MAHLE THERMOSTATS Aftermarket offers a variety of thermostats and additional components for temperature control: from expansion materials, thermostat inserts, thermostat switches and sensors to integral thermostats, housing thermostats and ring valve thermostats, transmission oil thermostats and AGR thermostats to thermostats on remote control. So, in our facilities you can find the following spare parts from the MAHLE brand for trucks, buses and vans:
  • Pistons
  • piston rings
  • axial bearings
  • crankshaft bearings
  • connecting rod bearings
  • cylinder linings
  • thermostats and many others.

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