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Textar is a leading supplier of brake systems to the world’s most famous vehicle manufacturers. Since 1913, TEXTAR has been creating top quality, safety, sophistication and longer life for commercial, commercial and automotive vehicles. This company annually produces 220 million brakes for passenger and commercial vehicles. This sets TEXTAR apart from its competitors and also offers special-purpose products for spare parts suppliers and repairers. Location: 13 production facilities in 8 countries (Europe, America and Asia) complemented by 3 research and development centers. In business, TEXTAR company is guided by the fact that each vehicle has special requirements, carefully choosing materials and raw materials and adapting them to vehicles.
  • It takes 1 ½ to 2 years to develop the quality of the brake friction parts
  • Material mixtures consist of a maximum of 25 different ingredients
  • About 200 different raw materials and 250 formulas form the basis of the product portfolio
  • Products meet the highest technical requirements in terms of safety, comfort and durability.
  All types of pressure plates and linings for trucks, buses and vans can be found with us, in our stores Sincommerce d.o.o.

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