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The world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic brake systems   With a 150-year tradition, WABCO continues to advance when it comes to mechanics, mechatronics and electronics technologies in the areas of braking, stability and transmission automation that supply the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses. In addition to developing various systems for the first installation on commercial vehicles, WABCO also provides support to the commercial vehicle industry through operations in the spare parts market. The most represented parts in the WABCO manufacturer’s offer are:
  • Compressors
  • Air dryers
  • ABS and EBS systems
  • ECAS valves
  • Parking brake valves
  • Clutch servo devices
  • Four-way valves
  • Disc brakes and corresponding repair kits
From our sales we single out the TOP 4 WABCO products:
  • WABCO dryer filter
  • WABCO coupling head 2210
  • WABCO ACTROS height sensor
  • WABCO six-way valve ACTROS.

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