Cojali was founded in Spain (La Mancha) in 1991, with the aim of providing technological advances in all aspects of spare parts for commercial vehicles. To this end, the company has started with the production and development of cooling systems, brake systems and automatic levers of original quality, or an alternative of equal or better efficiency than the original product. The Spanish company has developed slowly and thoroughly, following the needs of the market, so today it can offer quality products such as brake cylinders, valves, clutch boosters, dehumidifiers, air regulators, pressure regulators and all needed repair kits with a reliability and guarantee of 24 months.
Cojali’s success is accompanied by their product – Jaltest – a test computer that is winning over an increasing number of users and service workshops. JALTEST diagnostic device enables perfect diagnostics on one vehicle, whether you have a truck, bus or other vehicle, by replacing the cables on the basic test unit you will be able to diagnose and repair any vehicle in your service, which in today’s conditions contributes significantly economically investing in modern, world-class service to all standards.

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