A German company based in Hanover specializes in the production of rubber and plastic parts with production in 18 countries. The main goal of ContiTech’s research, development and production lies in its responsibility to grow the company’s value, and to maintain and improve the living conditions of all of us. Along with environmentally friendly products, ContiTech boasts a long and successful history. Back in 1955, they were the first company in Europe to start developing and manufacturing airbags. The original goal was to develop a product that would dampen the constant vibrations that occur while driving, and which would be softer and more elastic than springs (springs). Today, Continental – ContiTech boasts the fact that it is the largest European manufacturer of the first installation of airbags. Sincommerce d.o.o. in the segment of the spare parts business program, ContiTech offers airbags for trucks, buses and vans.

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