The Italian company DAYCO is the market leader in belt transmission systems. DAYCO provides safe solutions to all belt transmission problems, exceptional product quality and durability. It also guarantees exceptional quality and reliability, so for these reasons it is constantly working on researching new materials as well as developing new solutions to anticipate the needs of the latest generations of engines. Dayco is part of the Automotive Division, the business core of the American company-Mark IV Group, which is a leader in the development and production of complete solutions for power transmission systems, air supply and engine cooling. The main European office is in Turin, Italy. The company’s goal is to supply the market with a complete range of components for power transmission systems of original quality. Investing in new technological ways and finding solutions that will be applicable in the future on a daily basis makes this company competitive on the world market. In our sales facilities you can find a wide range of products for trucks and trucks such as: PC belts, V-belts, rollers, tensioners, crankshaft pulleys, alternator pulleys and more.

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