MANN + HUMMEL is a corporation with a 70-year tradition. It was founded in Germany near Stuttgart. Since their founding, they have set far-reaching goals and high standards, which has ensured their safe and strong growth. MANN + HUMMEL has gained the trust of customers through its long-term duration, constant product improvements, and expansion of the range in accordance with the needs of the market. That is why today MANN + HUMMEL is one of the leaders in the world filter market. The filters manufactured by MANN + HUMMEL undoubtedly meet the key criteria: international standards, test standards of vehicle manufacturers, internal testing standards within the MANN + HUMMEL Corporation, legal regulations, as well as your standards. Oil filters MANN oil filters ensure the smooth operation of every engine. The oil has multiple protective functions, but drivers must be aware of the fact that the oil must be optimally filtered. A quality oil filter enables efficient removal of carbon, rust and metal chips from the oil circuit. In this way, motor oil retains its purity for a long time, and thus its positive characteristics. The special quality of MANN paper guarantees 100% separation of impurities, and thus affects the optimal operation of the vehicle engine. Fuel filters The basic requirement of every driver is perfect engine operation. Regular replacement of fuel filters will reduce fuel consumption. MANN filters remove unwanted contaminants such as dust, rust and water, and protect the engine from wear and corrosion. The installation of these filters ensures the highest degree of filtration, which ensures the preservation of the injection system. MANN + HUMMEL has applied the highest standards in construction, thus ensuring the prevention of filter bursts and fuel leaks. Air filters MANN air filters have the function of high efficiency of air filtration and protection of the engine from harmful particles of dust, pollen, sand, soot and water. With their high performance, MANN filters ensure proper air flow and ensure that only clean air reaches the combustion chamber. Optimal crease tightness and MANN filter paper geometry guarantee 100% functionality between each replacement interval. Cabin filters Dust, exhaust fumes, spores, bacteria, pollen and various other particles pollute the interior of the vehicle cabin. The installation of MANN cabin filters prevents the harmful effects of external pollution and eliminates all unpleasant odors that enter the cabin. By combining electrostatic and mechanical attraction, MANN filters attract charged dirt particles, thus contributing to cleaner air during the entire interval of use. When buying these filters, detailed instructions for their installation are provided. Installation is easy and fast, thus enabling easy installation and replacement. In our offer you can find filters of oil, fuel, air and cabins for commercial vehicles, buses and vans.

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