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The story of “MONROE” dates back to 1917, when Charles Sumner McIntyre set up a small craft workshop to make car parts near the city of Monroe, near Detroit.   One of the first products intended for the market were pneumatic wheel pumps – the original equipment of every car at the time. Already in 1927 the annual production reached 15 million pieces, and the main buyer was Ford, for its famous model T. Wanting to further improve driving comfort, Charles McIntyre ordered his engineers to design a new product, which would work on a similar principle, and it would be installed directly on the vehicle – and the history of shock absorbers has begun.   In the years to come, the company has grown into a multinational company and a world leader in the production of both original and spare parts, known as MONROE. Today, the company has 8,000 employees and is an integral part of the Tenneco Automotive Group, with annual production reaching 20 million units and an average annual turnover of $ 1 billion. Thanks to its quality, MONROE has become the first installation in the largest automotive giants, which account for almost 55% of annual production. For such results, the company has received numerous awards from car manufacturers: VW, Nissan, Ford, Porsche, Volvo and others. MONROE is one of the leading manufacturers of shock absorbers. Why choose Monroe?
  • Leading in the cabin shock absorber segment
  • coverage in axle shock absorbers for trucks and trailers
  • coverage in axle shock absorbers for buses
  • Seat shock absorber unique to Monro Premium
  • continuous launch of new models.

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