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Wolf Oil Corporation

The motto of Wolf Oil Corporation – “We pour our experience and innovation into your engine”.


Wolf Oil Corporation, based in Antwerp, Belgium, was founded back in 1955. From then until today, the company is constantly investing in innovation and is particularly focused on market demands, ie end customers. They have about 150 specialists in their company who work tirelessly on inventions that will improve the quality of oil, and also make it more accessible to as many people as possible. In addition to oils, they also manufacture other liquids used in vehicles, specializing in 100% pure liquids, oils and lubricants that improve vehicle performance while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

This company also works closely with companies that produce additives for oils and fuels, and together with them they are looking for the best solutions for modern vehicles and the requirements of modern drivers. The vision of this company are specialized oils and lubricants that will be made exactly for a particular vehicle and thus get maximum performance from each vehicle. Also, they understand that the ecological side of the story is very important, so they invest a lot in sustainable development.

All oils were categorized into:


We have all their products for trucks, buses and vans: cooling liquids, oils, glycerin, windscreen liquids, greases and much more in our range.

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