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Lemförder The highest level of reliability and quality in the field of control and suspension parts is the main trademark of the Lemförder brand. The suspension parts are extremely safe and reliable, as evidenced by the cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers who use Lemförder in the first installation, which confirms that this is a very high quality product. It is this cooperation with leading manufacturers that guarantees reliability, safety and comfort. From Lemförder products we offer:
  • Tie rod ends
  • control links
  • speed selector sets
  • repair kits
  • engine mounts
  • V-links
  • stabilizers
  • cab mounts and many etc.
  SACHS is a leading brand within ZF Services. This group is among the top ten automotive suppliers specializing in power transmission systems and suspension and steering systems. In addition to SACHS, the Lemförder, Boge and ZF Parts brands have been developed within the same group. ZF Services has annual revenues of around € 1.4 billion, with over 650 service partners worldwide. The SACHS brand is considered one of the most sought-after brands on the market, precisely because of the impeccable quality it provides, in power transmission and suspension systems. Modern and quality technology, as well as organization in production, are just some of the reasons why SACHS is used in the first installation, in most car manufacturers in the world. In the spare parts market, you can have complete confidence in this brand as well as the largest manufacturers in the first installation and millions of drivers around the world. SACHS , pressure plates, clutch discs and clutch release bearings are subjected to the most rigorous tests before the product is placed on the market, which means that the quality of SACHS clutch kits is used for the first installation. SACHS dual mass flywheel Barely noticeable and incredibly quiet! The SACHS dual mass flywheel guarantees unsurpassed noise reduction and vibration damping on the vehicle. As one of the inventors of floating flywheels, SACHS is in its first installation on a large number of vehicles. SACHS clutch set Technically sophisticated and proven countless times, SACHS clutch and flywheel kits enable full vehicle performance on the road, equal to the first installation. The recommendation of all experts is to change the whole set (clutch set, floating flywheel and thrust bearing), otherwise the effect will be significantly reduced.   SACHS bearing bearing Hydraulic cylinders are equally important. This group includes the clutch master and slave cylinders, as well as hydraulic thrust bearings. The proven quality of the SACHS clutch guarantees that the installed parts will achieve the same results as the parts from the first installation.

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