5 tips for better sleep in the truck

In addition to interfering with normal functioning, lack of sleep can lead to safety problems while driving.
Due to the nature of the job, most drivers have poor sleeping habits, which leads to irritability and slow reactions while driving. There are several reasons why truck drivers are at greater risk. The first problem is finding an adequate place to sleep, followed by noise and light. However, there are a number of solutions that truck drivers can make and thus improve their sleep while on the road. Here are 5 tips for all drivers on how to make their sleep or a short nap better. 1. Find a safe place to sleep Stops and rest areas in the Balkans are not as common as in the west, but that does not mean that the search for the ideal place should be given up. The first mistake drivers make is standing by the roadside where traffic and noise are intense. No matter how big the roadside stop is, don’t stop, but find a more secluded place where you can sleep in peace. Like many things, remote places have their downsides, sudden fuel thefts can happen much more easily while you sleep. In order not to burden yourself further, we suggest you the KOCKON device for protection against fuel theft, and you can find this device in our stores in Podgorica, Bar and Radanovići. If you are a beginner and are not familiar with all the suitable places to sleep, be sure to consult with colleagues, they will certainly give you some information on where the best hidden places to sleep are. 2. Eliminate light and sound Once you have found a place, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the light and sound, because they are the basic problems faced by drivers who are trying to rest or sleep. When it comes to daylight, the best way is to use a windshield visor as this is exactly where the light comes from. You can also find visors and umbrellas for the windshield in our shops. If the light still bothers you, avoid macho prejudices and buy a sleeping mask. 🙂 3. White noise machine Peace and quiet are the basis of a good night’s sleep. It is not possible to find a place near the road that is completely quiet, but there are means that will allow you to significantly reduce and reduce that noise. Although this is easier said than done, our advice is to park away from other trucks if possible. However, if you are overly sensitive to sound effects or do not have time to look for remote places, consider buying a white noise machine. Be sure to have earplugs with you. Take this option last, especially when you are at an unknown truck stop or somewhere else. 4. Get a better mattress Often a neglected, but not less important thing, because it can affect the quality of sleep in the truck. Quality mattresses can seem like a big investment to you, but when you consider how much time you spend at work it is worth investing in this investment as well. 5. An alternative to caffeine If your sleep problems become problematic, consider a controlled caffeine intake. For a large number of long-distance drivers, good sleep is very important, so it is necessary to avoid drinks that contain caffeine and energy stimulants 5 to 6 hours before bedtime.


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