Types of truck braking systems

Braking systems are one of the most important systems on every vehicle, and their role includes: gradual deceleration while driving, abrupt stopping and ensuring a safe position of the stopped vehicle.
In order for the braking system to function properly, it is necessary to enable precise regulation of the braking intensity and stable movement of the truck during braking. In addition to the previously mentioned things, it is necessary that it has high reliability and precision, as well as that the braking process takes place without squeaks or other undesirable phenomena. In order for all these items to be fulfilled, it is necessary that each element of the system has high technical reliability and quality material from which it is made. In addition to all procedures and procedures, brake fluids must meet extremely high requirements such as: – Exceptional corrosion protection – To operate at extremely low temperatures – To have high boiling points – To be compatible with sealing materials Braking systems There are two different systems for heavy commercial vehicles: disc and drum brakes. When it comes to disc brakes, their feature is that they do not have many moving parts, which makes them simpler and easier to adjust, and their maintenance is much simpler than with drum brakes. When it comes to drum brakes, it should be noted that they are more durable and that due to the closed design, these brakes are well protected from corrosion or dust and all harmful external influences. Proper brake fluid selection, proper inspection, maintenance and replacement are prerequisites for the proper functioning of one of your vehicle’s most important systems. Our company is the general importer of WABCO and Knorr brake systems, and with us, in addition to parts to brake systems, you can get all the additional advice and recommendations.


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